1966 Batmobile® Replicas

You’ve wanted one since you were a kid.  Now you can own a gorgeous and authentic replica of the most famous car in the world. Our replicas have all the great features that you remember, too–the double bubble windshields, those loooong fins, the batphone, the flashing red beacon light, and even a working flame thrower!

Quality, performance, and fit & finish

It’s more than just a “kit car.” The wheel wells are enclosed with tubs. The doors are finished inside and out, and the doors even sound solid when they latch. The rocker panels are attached to the floor pan. When you sit in the car, your head doesn’t hover over the front windshield, and you have plenty of leg room, too. We wet sand the car by hand to remove any surface imperfections in the paint, then we buff and polish the car to an incredible shine.

We specialize ONLY in 1966 BATMOBILE ™ Replicas, so we are not distracted by other projects.  With talent on loan from God, our dedicated team of ten people work six days a week to complete your car.  The replica artisans at Fiberglass Freaks are happy to receive you at our shop at any time, and when you call us, you are talking directly with the builders. We give you regular progress reports, so you know exactly what is happening on your car. For questions about Mark Racop, owner of Fiberglass Freaks, be sure to check out our About Us page here.

What about the gadgets?  What works?  Our top-of-the-line replica comes with gadgets galore: the “rocket exhaust” propane flamethrower works, the five highly-polished aluminum roll top dashboard doors glide open, the red beacon light flashes, the batbeam antenna grid raises between the front windshields, and the detect-a-scope radar screen glows green.  Features that were science fiction and were done with special effects on the TV show are reality on our cars now:  a DVD player or a rear view camera display on the LCD screen in the dash, and the hood and trunk raise and lower with electric actuators.  The high-end stereo provides excellent sound, even at highway speeds.

From the quality of the interior to the fit and finish, and finally to the paint job, Fiberglass Freaks is reliable, approachable, and thanks to the big guy above, we build a fantastic replica.  And we are officially licensed by DC Comics.

These cars are incredibly fun to own. There is nothing like driving a Fiberglass Freaks’ replica through the McDonalds drive-through, in a parade, or as an attraction at a car show. Did you see the Barrett-Jackson auction of the Batmobile on January 19th, 2013? The number one car sold for a staggering $4.62 million dollars, setting a record for TV and movie cars.  No other car in the world brings as much attention to you as this one. The owner of Fiberglass Freaks should know: Mark Racop has owned his own car since 1983.

Your car will come with an Indiana Title, certificate of authenticity, and dash placards stating that the car is DC Comics Officially Licensed and Numbered 1966 BATMOBILE™ Replica.  Only eight cars per year can be sold.

Each car takes over 2,500 man hours to build from start to finish. Your anticipated delivery date will be determined at the time of making the initial deposit, based on how many cars that have been pre-ordered.

What’s in YOUR driveway?

Call for current models and pricing:  574-722-3237

Come visit our shop at 602 Erie Avenue, in Logansport, Indiana, 46947.  If you truly are a fan of this car, you will be like a kid in a candy store as you see 1966 BATMOBILE™ Replicas and 1966 BATMOBILE™ Replica Parts throughout our buildings.

Your car will be an instant hit, whether you are driving through your downtown, displaying it a car show, or just delighting the neighborhood kids.  Your Officially Licensed 1966 BATMOBILE™ Replica will bring smiles, car honks, and great memories wherever you take it.

Call: 574-722-3237
E-mail: office@fiberglassfreaks.com

All photos are of the Platinum car.

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